Information On Dog Breed Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier is a short dog with a short tail. They are well-balanced creatures with an average weight of 25 pounds. They have a tuxedo-like coat that is either white or black. The head looks squarish with a short muzzle and large eyes. They move about with a rhythmic step and are very alert to their surroundings. They are portable dogs but also very sturdy. Boston Terriers love people and you can always take them for walks.

Information On Dog Breed Boston Terrier
Information On Dog Breed Boston Terrier

General Appearance

This dog comes across as a very intelligent and lively creature with a short head, short tail, smooth coat, compact built and well-balanced body. Their head is always in proportion to their overall size. Their well-knit bodies with strong limbs make a prominent impression of good proportion. They convey an impression of strength and determination. Their carriage is also very graceful and of a very high order.

Information On Dog Breed Boston Terrier
Information On Dog Breed Boston Terrier

How To Care For A Boston Terrier?

You should give your Terrier very high-quality dog food. You can either prepare it at home or buy it from the market, but you need to take care of the nutritional quotient. Ensure that you are feeding your dog as per their age, whether they are adults, puppies, or seniors. They can easily get overweight if fed a lot. You need to keep track of the calorie consumption and also on their recommended weight. While treats are good for rewards during training, too many of them can lead to weight gain. Also, give your Boston Terrier clean and fresh water to drink.

Characteristics Of A Boston Terrier

They are generally good-natured and playful. Terriers can be very good companions. They get along well with other pet animals such as cats. They are best used as watchdogs. They do not bark a lot. They have a short nose and hence are not happy in places with hot and humid weather. They have an average life-span of 12 to 13 years.

Common Health Problems

They generally get affected with:

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Eye Issues
  • Hemivertebrae
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Sensorineural Deafness
  • Glaucoma
  • Corneal Ulcers
  • Cataracts

Why Does A Boston Terrier Stink?

This breed has a tendency to smell like Fritos because of the yeast overgrowth in their bodies. You need to give them a healthy diet and keep their immune systems properly monitored.

Does A Boston Terrier Need A Lot Of Exercises?

This breed proves to be a very happy dog, made for the house because they are very even-tempered. You can give them an hour of exercise every day. This breed is very adaptable too.

Bathing Instructions For Boston Terriers

You need to properly groom and bathe your terrier often. You can bathe them once every week, as they are very adaptable and easily adjust to routines. They have a very smooth coat and regular bathing is necessary to maintain their healthy coat and skin.

So get a Boston Terrier for yourself if you want a dog that is happy around your house and does not require very heavy training. They are very intelligent and social dogs and you will have no problems in getting them to mingle with your family and neighbors.

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