Characteristics Of A Blue French Bulldog

A blue French bulldog is similar to other French bulldogs, except for the color of their fur. They are known as blue French bulldogs because of the typical bluish tint of their coats. Some people even call this dog a bit silly because it breathes quite loudly and also has some weird habits. It also falls sick quite often because of low immunity. But otherwise, the dog is quite masculine and also is a wonderful companion.

Characteristics Of A Blue French Bulldog
Characteristics Of A Blue French Bulldog

Will The Eye Color Of My Blue French Bulldog Change?

Mostly, the eyes turn brown eventually. But if you have blue fawn French bulldogs, their eyes might remain blue, because of the rare blue eye gene that they possess.

Is It Hard To Train A Blue French Bulldog?

It is not very hard to train these dogs, but again, they are not very easy to train too. They take around 8 months to get potty trained. You need to be very calm and patient while giving them potty training. It is best to introduce your dog to other dogs, pets, and people at the age of 14 weeks so that they get more social.

Characteristics Of A Blue French Bulldog
Characteristics Of A Blue French Bulldog

What Is The Price Of A Blue French Bulldog?

This dog breed generally costs between $1500 – $3000. The average price paid to purchase this dog is $2200. But if there is an exceptional breeding history, then the dog might cost you more. Top-quality blue French bulldogs may cost around $5500 to $10,000 too.

Why Are Blue French Bulldogs So Expensive?

These dogs are expensive because for their breeding you need artificial insemination and c-sections. They have very narrow or slim hips and hence they cannot reproduce on their own. You might have to shell around $7000 to breed a French bulldog.

What Is The Apt Diet For A Blue French Bulldog?

You should feed them 25-30 calories of food per pound of their body weight every day. It is best to divide their meals into three.

How To Train A Blue French Bulldog?

  • Begin by giving potty training lessons at an early age.
  • Teach them verbal commands and give them a lot of physical praise
  • Treats and rewards should be given in abundance.
  • Introduce them to a crate very early.

When Do These Dogs Stop Growing?

These dogs ideally stop growing after 2 years of age. They will grow to their full height by 9 months and will then ‘fill in’ and bulk-up by their second year. You can expect your blue French bulldog to grow to its complete mature size by the age of 2. On average, these dogs live up to 8 to 10 years. The UK breeds might live up to 12 to 14 years too.

Why Do Blue French Bulldogs Get So Needy?

A typical characteristic trait of this dog is that they get very needy. They get separation anxiety and cannot bear living away from their owners for too long. They also need occasional treats, else they might sulk. To train them is also a little tough as they have their own stubborn mind-set.

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