Best Japanese Toy Dog Breeds To Buy

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Toy breeds refer to tiny dogs who make good companions for humans and are playful. Japanese dog breeds are most famous for their cuteness and loyalty. In Japan ‘Nihon ken’ are 6 breeds considered to be the treasure of the country. This article lists the best toy breeds that are native to Japan and are loyal to their owner in all ways

Shiba Inu

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They are the smallest of six distinct spitz breeds from Japan. It weighs around 20 pounds and was originally bred for hunting purposes but now is used as small human companions. They cope well in mountainous terrains and have distinctive tails which protect them in harsh winter weather. Their height varies from 13 to 17 inches and they are intelligent yet stubborn. Shiba Inu has an independent personality and  If socialized early they became a great human companion.

Japanese chin

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It is one of the oldest Japanese toy breeds with a distinct heritage, their history goes back to imperial courts. Japanese chin is famous for its silk fur and feather texture. A distinctive feature of this breed is their eyes which are spaced out. It weighs between 3 to 15 pounds and has a height in the range of 8 to 11 inches. They are known for cat-like features and a calm temperament. They are well mannered and playful which makes them a perfect toy breed

Akita Inu

This breed has a long history and almost disappeared during world war 2. It is a symbol of loyalty in Japan which makes them perfect human companions. It is a bit larger than other toy breeds as it can weigh up to 100 pounds and can be 26 inches tall. It has a life span of 10 years and is playful with family members but aloof with strangers. They are also moody but with proper training, they can be the most faithful dogs.

Japanese spitz

It is an all-white tine breed with dense fur. They are loyal and active. It has a small head and pricks eyes. They were brought to Japan in 1920 and crossbreeders gave rise to modern Japanese spitz. They have slightly louder bark and are also considered security alarms for the house. This breed makes good companions for older people. It has a life span between 10 -16 years. They show great affection for family and are protective towards them which makes them an ideal companion


A dog is indeed a man’s best friend but not all people prefer large muscular breeds who are aggressive yet protective. Some people like toy breeds who can accompany them in their daily tasks and are playful. These all breeds are very playful, loyal, and independent making them an ideal fit for a companion. Someone who likes small dogs will definitely love all these breeds.

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