Why K9 Police Dog Breeds Are Considered The Best?

K9 police dog breeds

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend with the police dogs playing such an integral part in the system. The K9 police dog breeds help in maintaining the public and keeping everyone safe and secure. These are many parts of the police force and are used for patrolling the streets and investigation of the crime scenes. The K9 unit mainly consists of these dog breeds namely: 

  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Beagle
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Doberman Pinscher
  • Bloodhound
  • Belgian Malinois

Some Interesting Facts About K9 Police Dog Breeds Are As Under:

K9 police dog breeds Facts
  • K9 police dogs can have both male and female dogs and are largely popular in the US with these dogs starting with the police training in between 12 to 15 months when they can concentrate well. A trained police dog is known to save around 600-1000 hours of man every year. 
  • K9 dog breeds perform the tasks of narcotics detection, explosives detection, and even public enforcement. The police then train these dogs using their favorite toy like a white towel. They will use these white towels for weeks to make the dogs adapt to the situations. Then they wrap the towels with marijuana or explosives and ask the dogs to smell and find it out. 
  • German Shepherds are popular among the lot as these dogs are very intelligent and perform their activities amazingly. They are active dogs, willing to learn new things with the German Shepherds used in many wars like the Korean War, the Vietnam War, etc. 

More Facts To Go – 

Facts to know about K9 police dog breeds
  • Some police dogs have metal teeth made of titanium and are given deliberately for biting purposes as most dogs lose their natural teeth in the process of training. Giving titanium teeth also prepares these dogs for the worst.
  • The K9 police dog breeds are known for performing excellently during search and rescue operations at the time of disasters. They are trained for finding humans alive or dead even when they are 12 feet underground. These dogs have great sniffing power. 
  • Police dogs are mostly seen competing against each other and winning prizes. Most of these dogs have earned popularity because of these games. The police dog handler is responsible for grooming, feeding, and keeping the dogs healthy while at work and even after retirement.
  • Police dogs are not paid for any of their services but they are given medical attention and food by the department. In most cases, the handler of the dog is in a salary if the dog suffers from any accidents.
  • The beagles and bloodhounds have a great smelling sense, easily sniffing bombs, drugs, or overseas foods and are commonly found with border protection officers. Bloodhounds are also required for tracking missing persons.
  • The career of K9 dog breeds lasts for about 6 to 8 years with rare cases that police dogs remain active for about 10 years. These dogs cost about $15,000 as well as a lot of money is spent on their training.


The police dogs are intelligent even than the police officers with unlimited talents and intelligence in them. 

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