Agility Dog Training Your Dog Needs To Be Disciplined

Agility Dog Training

If you are wondering how to train your dogs to do some agility jumps, some simple tips and tricks can work wonders. In these dog training sessions, your dog would learn to perform many fun activities. It proves to be very beneficial for their health as it includes several exercises and helps in killing the boredom. These dog agility sessions are both for the dogs and their respective owners.

Get Started With Dog Training

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If you are wondering where to take your dogs for those fun agility sessions that you have seen on TV, then you can look for several of these organizations who are working for this. One of the first things that you have to do after you have made it to the organization is to start training your dogs at home itself. A lot of minor training done at home is fruitful for the dogs when they enter the dog training.

Dog training is not allowed until your dog is a year old, so you can prepare some tools at your backyard to begin with the primary training. For instance, you can get a tire from somewhere and tie it from a tree branch. The hanging tire would help your dog from some jumping exercise. But be careful not to put the tire too high as the dog is a beginner. You can hang it high after seeing his performance.

Agility Dog Training Exercises

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When talking about dog training, plank walking tops the list as your dogs are already familiar with this exercise. Even at home, your dogs walk on things that resemble a plank walk. However, to switch to a more formal setting and training, you can change to plank walking. It can be practiced by walking on the bench parks, and when you see that they are perfecting their balance, they can go a step further by increasing their speed.

Also, tunnel practicing is good exercise. You can easily get one in the stores or children shops, and is a fun obstacle exercise.

Weaving around poles is one of the most challenging dogs training exercises. You have to place some cones a little far from each other in a straight line and weave among them with your dog. If your dog lacks motivation on weaving, you can treat them with a snack.

Some Misconceptions

There are some misconceptions regarding dog agility training exercises. One that is most common is that it requires both the owner and the dog for these dog training sessions. However, this is not correct. The handler could be in a wheelchair and still participate in these sessions. Also, you do not need to be a great athletic runner for these sessions. You need to have proper training and enjoy this exercise.

Some people also have this misunderstanding that smaller dogs cannot participate in these agility programs. It does not matter what breed and size your dog is as long as it is willing to be on these sessions.


Agility dog training is beneficial as it helps your dogs to stay healthy, and it also strengthens the bond between the owner and the dog.

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