A Mini Guide To Dutch Police Dog Breeds

Dutch Police Dog Breeds

All dogs are special in a certain and unique way. However, police dogs are even more special in certain ways. Just the way you give a higher order of respect to army personnel, police dogs deserve the same. They are specially trained to help the police personnel in locating explosives, drugs, missing people, etc. A dog becomes a police dog after a rigorous level of training. However, not every breed of dog can become a police dog. There are some dutch police dog breeds, german and Belgian breeds, that are most preferred. Each of the dog breeds, including the dutch police dog breeds used in the police force, have a certain and prolonged history. Let’s have a look at them.

Which Is The Best Breed Out Of All Dutch Police Dog Breeds

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Out of all the dutch police dog breeds, the most commonly used and the most preferred one is the Dutch shepherd. Other Dutch police dog breeds are mere the hybrids of Dutch shepherds along with German or Belgian shepherds. However, the most preferred one out of all the Dutch police dog breeds is still the original Dutch shepherd.

History Of Dutch Police Dog Breeds

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There is a long history of Dutch police dog breeds. In the old times, the Dutch shepherds were used for agrarian purposes on farms. Their job was to keep away the flock of sheep from spoiling or entering the crops. They used to do this by regularly patrolling the countryside. Also, they would keep the hens, cows, etc., away from entering the field and spoiling the crop. They were of immense importance for every farmer in the countryside. However, with the coming up of modern farming, their role slowly started getting reduced. During the times of World War II, the now Dutch police dog breeds were nearly extinct due to a shortage of food. However, after all the chaos ended after the end of World War II, there was an immense overflow of hybrid Dutch shepherds.

Why Dutch Police Dog Breeds Are So Popular

The Dutch police dog breeds are very loyal, friendly, reliable, independent, active, watchful, intuitive, and intelligent. Discipline and Obedience are what they have acquired through their ancestry. Also, they are very easy to work with. They have this strong character of working with their owners, as well as working independently. Whatever the task or situation is, they are capable of performing it in the best way, either with the owner or independently as well.


There are various police dog breeds available in the world. However, the Dutch police dog breeds are considered one of the best and the most reliable in the entire world. All thanks to their prolonged ancestry and strong characteristics. Also, there are certain essential factors for considering the Dutch shepherds as the best among all the Dutch police dog breeds, like their strong and sturdy appearance and personality. Also, Dutch shepherds are very easy to train, and they can adapt to their new roles very quickly. Their temperament is considered one of the best in the entire world to work with.

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