A List Of Police Dog Breeds

list of police dog breeds

You must first determine the length of the breed’s lifespan in its natural environment as well as its aptitude for work under pressure. It is a highly trainable breed that can be easily molded to suit the tasks at hand.

German Shepherds are excellent police dogs with their powerful size, confident attitude and excellent tracking abilities. They are great hunters as they are known to pursue and catch different types of prey using their keen sense of smell. Their strong sense of smell also enables them to find illegally trapped animals or scents from another crime scene. This makes them an excellent choice for tracking ability as well as police officers.

Cocker Spaniels

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Cocker Spaniels make up the second most popular police dog breeds. The breed has the capacity to perform several different jobs perfectly. Some police officers use pit bulls for house training, while others use them for highway chases or other high-risk law enforcement jobs. These dogs are great escape artists and agile jumpers from confined spaces. Most of these breeds are good climbers and swimmers, which further increase their capabilities in performing various detection tasks. Pit Bulls are best suited for highway duty since most of these breeds are used in vehicle accidents.

The third on the list of police dog breeds is the Akitas. These are known for their stamina and agility, although some of these dogs may not be as trainable as some of the other breeds. Police handlers are usually required to travel on a daily basis in very hostile and unfamiliar environments. Akitas are ideal for this type of handlers due to their high tolerance for training and their innate sense of purpose.

The Cane Corso

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The next dog breed on the list of police canine tools is the cane corso. The cane corso was bred specifically as a companion dog to police officials. Its longevity makes it an excellent choice. In fact, these dogs have the longest lifespan of any canine and surpasses the lifespan of many humans. They can live anywhere from twelve to fifteen years and in some cases, they may even exceed twenty years.

Another dog that is on the canine officer’s list is the Belgian malinois. This is a large breed that was originally bred to guard cattle in Louisiana. The Belgian malinois is extremely intelligent and strong with a powerful physique that makes it a favored choice among police departments for its protection canine assignments. The Belgian malinois is extremely athletic and is often used as a trail guide and for sniffing drugs and other pollutants.

The Mastiff-Mohawk

Finally, there are the mastiff-mohawk type police dog breeds. These dogs have a thick coat that is naturally wavy and in some cases, it may have dyed markings that resemble those of the Mastiff. It has a strong, friendly personality that makes it a favorite to be an integral part of many different tasks in enforcement. These include protection, detection, tracking, and apprehension duties.


Each of the four dogs on the list of police dog breeds was created for a specific job. While the mastiff-mohawk is naturally used as protection and as a trail guide, the border collie was created to be a companion and a watchdog. The Labrador is famous as a versatile tool that is great for all purposes and the dog breeds listed above can be used in hundreds of jobs.

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