Quick Tips To Make Dog Training For Potty Easier!

Dog training for potty

Dog training for potty is the first thing you give to puppies and dogs the moment they enter your homes. You won’t have to wait for long to realize that your puppy pees a lot, sometimes may be up to 12 times a day. Discover the ways of training your dog on where to do potty and pee for keeping them happy and healthy while making your home clean as well: 

Learning The Signs When Your Dog Wants To Go Out

Best Dog training for potty tips

Your dog might not know your signs but is telling you through some signs that he wants to go out. The moment you see this, bring him to a special potty place. Some of these signs are:

  • Sniffing throughout the floor
  • Pacing down in circles
  • Smelling his rear, etc.

Plan for these things straight away when you are dog training for potty. Keep the leash right next to the door so that when he feels like going out, you can put the leash and place him at his special place. Once he knows the place, he will get used to it. 

Give Meals At The Same Time

When training your dog, keep regular timings for his meals. Scheduled meals teach your dog when to expect meals in a day and also, feeding dogs at a specified time help him potty at the same time at his special place. He will be of that expectation just after his meals.

Sticking To The Potty Spot

Quick tips for Dog training for potty

Before training him to laterine, decide where you would want to teach him. Maybe in the backyard or even outside your home! Stick to the location and direct him in moving to always the same place for doing potty. Dogs living in the apartments are looking for quiet and ground space for doing potty. 

When he is at his training phase, be sure he is going to the same place at all times. Dogs smell their territory well and consistency helps them in achieving the potty place in a shorter time span. 

Give Praises

Everyone loves it when they are praised for doing something good. The same goes for dogs as well. Treat him with snacks or dog biscuits after he has followed your orders. This way he will remain good all through the training phase. Appreciate him in all the right ways for doing his business in the right place.

Take Dogs Outside Often

If you want your dogs to keep doing potty outside, make sure you take him out often. Take your pup out first in the morning and even after he has all his meals. Take your dog outside right before he sleeps also. Dog training for potty involves you taking out your dog every 30 minutes for gesturing bowel movements. 

Keep The Water Bowl

If your puppy drinks water a lot, then he will urinate even more. To prevent accidents, take your dog out so that he remembers his potty place where he needs to urinate as well. 

Addressing Accidents Calmly

If your dog does his business inside, calmly ask him to go outside to his potty place. Accidents are natural so don’t be harsh on your dog. Don’t punish your dog if he has done any accidents to prevent worse situations.


Training is a hard phase but once your dog learns it, it gives you immense happiness and joy!

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