6 Japanese Dog Breeds That Will Make Wonderful Pets

6 japanese dog breeds

When you consider all of the various Japanese dog breeds, it is not surprising to find out that the Asagi is one of the most common Japanese dog breeds. The Asagi is a great and sturdy breed that has the energy and vigor of any other strong breed but possesses the gentleness and kindness of the purebred. This breed was originally bred to be a companion dog for people in the rural areas of Japan.

Today the Asagi is most commonly used as a sport dog because of its athletic ability, endurance, and sociability. The dog is well balanced on the bottom with a muscular chest and shoulder area, which help to make the Asagi more athletic and physically sound.

The Japanese Golden retriever is another one of the six Japanese dog breeds considered to be a medium sized breed. This breed was originally bred as a companion dog. In conclusion, the Asagi is a type of Golden Retriever but is usually considered a toy breed due to its low shedding rate. This is a very smart and active breed that can get along well with children and other pets. They are very protective of family members and will often protect the person who owns them from potential harm.

Japanese Mastiff

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Another,Japanese dog breed we will discuss is the Japanese Mastiff. This breed is also known as the nihon-ken or mastiff breed. This breed is actually a cross between the Terrier and the Mastiff. The Mastiff is commonly known as the dog that was used in ancient China to control dogs. The history of the nihon-ken goes back as far as the 10th century.

Now, Japanese dog breed we will discuss is the shiba inu. The shiba inu is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. The shiba inu originated in Japan and is one of the oldest purebreds remaining today. Many people consider the shiba inu to be their best friend because of its loyalty and energy. They are intelligent and loyal and make great companions.

Shiba Inu

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The coloration of the shiba inu is generally blue or gray with a tan marking on the chest. The coat is normally long and flowing and most have electric hair brushes. The average age of these dogs is seven years old, although some have been known to be older. The dogs are typically seven to ten pounds in weight when they are a year old.

The size of the Hokkaido is somewhere between that of the Beagle and the Akita. The Hokkaido is much more muscular than the Beagle and also possesses a shorter coat. The main reason as to why the Hokkaido is being considered for a toy breed is due to the fact that it possesses a beautiful, strong and agile personality. This breed is well proportioned and very strong and athletic, which fits in very nicely with the Japanese culture.

Popular Breed Tanuki

The last of the six Japanese dog breeds listed is the tanuki. This is another very popular breed. The tank has the ability to shed a lot and this makes them great for those people who do not have the time to groom their dog. The tanuki Ken has been bred down from the purebreds of Japan and is known to possess high intelligence. The Japanese often feel that a tank has a different personality and temperament than a purebred.

Final Verdict

We have looked at six of the most popular Japanese dog breeds. There are many other breeds out there but we feel that these six make the best candidate for a new family pet. If you are looking for a family pet that is intelligent, will not shed and is very energetic and friendly then the Hokkaido, tanuki or kishu ken are the perfect choice.

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